• 15 Jul 2018


    Whether it’s in sports or quarrels, everybody wants to be on the winning side; to outdo and defeat your opponent or competitor decisively. However, winning in a relational conflict is tricky. The more you demolish the other party, the more you stand to lose.

  • 08 Jul 2018


    Most of us don’t look forward to having disagreements and quarrels. We dread the unpleasantness and the negative outcomes. Relational conflict is painful, but it need not be destructive. Conflicts destroy relationships only because people tend to fight badly. In this message, you will learn the importance of having a good fight, as well as how to practically tackle our differences without tearing each other down.

  • 01 Jul 2018


    Relational conflicts and breakdown happen because people get angry with each other, and in their anger, they say and do things with destructive consequences. To maintain healthy relationships, we need to learn better anger management, beyond just trying to control our temper.

  • 10 Jun 2018


    For most people outside the church, the idea that Christians give their money, and for most, a substantial chunk of it, to God, is puzzling or dubious at best. Many of you probably have non-Christian family members who would flip if they knew how much money you give to the church, or relatives who would considered you hopelessly brainwashed. In this message, Pastor Tiak will explain why giving not only makes perfect sense, but also why it is also thoroughly and counter-intuitively enjoyable

  • 03 Jun 2018


    Most people engage or approach religion primarily as an aid which they hope can help them achieve their dreams, cope with their fears or solve their problems. However, if they were to explore christianity seriously, they would be surprise to discover that it presents them with a radically different paradigm.

  • 27 May 2018


    Most people in the West today claim that you can be a good Christian and practise your faith without attending church. With sermons from world-class preachers readily available online and the ease of internet giving, should virtual church eventually replace the traditional model of church-going, especially in a land-scarce place like Singapore?

  • 20 May 2018

    Why Not Stone Her?

    Listen to his message, “Why Not Stone Her?”.

  • 13 May 2018


    Hear how God has transformed Belinda drastically from the inside out!

  • 06 May 2018

    Freedom of Forgiveness

    Listen to Pastor Andrew's message on how we can find freedom in forgiveness.

  • 29 Apr 2018

    Prudent Yet Generous

    Most of us sense two inner forces tugging on our hearts--and our purse strings. One is the need to keep our money to ourselves for our own enjoyment or security. The other is the desire to use our money to bless others and for a cause bigger than ourselves. Why do we have such conflicting desires, and how should we manage them?

  • 22 Apr 2018

    Confident Yet Humble

    Truly attractive people are both confident and humble, but we know from experience that this is a rare combination. If you are capable, it is easy to be confident but difficult to be humble. If you feel lousy about yourself, it is easy to be humble but hard to be confident. Pastor Tiak explains to us why we need to be, and how we can be, confident yet humble.

  • 15 Apr 2018

    Rational Yet Passionate

    Are you more of the thinking or feeling kind of person? Do you tend to follow your head and find those who don’t too weak, emotional and unstable? Or do you prefer to listen to your heart and find those who are unlike you too boring, cold and uncaring? In this message, Pastor Tiak explains why we need to be both Rational yet Passionate, not only to succeed in the things we do, but also to find God and relate meaningfully with him.