29 Sep 2019

Be Kind to Foreigners in Your Midst

Rev Dr William Wan

Our guest speaker Rev Dr William Wan is the General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement. He also chairs the Prison Fellowship Singapore and the Ethics Committee of the Farrer Park Hospital and serves his church as the Pastor Emeritus (Hope Presbyterian). A regular contributor to the Straits Times Opinion Page, he is a published author of several books and a regular speaker at churches, conferences and public events. He is also active on several boards of Christian and non-profit organisations.

Discussion Questions

  1. Around the world, we see a rising trend of xenophobia. Why do we find caring for foreigners such an unnatural, or even an unpleasant, thing to do?
  2. Why do you think it matters to God that we show kindness to the foreigners in our midst?
  3. Reflecting on the 3 points (Equity, Experience, Empathy) that Rev Wan shared, how can you practically show kindness to the foreigners around you?