26 May 2019

Called by The God Who Sees

Pastor Tan Li Kai

Men of faith who accomplished many great things for God were not always the noblest or surest, but what set them apart was their obedience to the LORD’s call. Let us arise in faith and respond to God’s call to a life of purpose!

Discussion Questions

  1. Is there a seemingly impossible assignment that God is calling you to which frightens you? What are the steps you can take to grow to respond in faith?
  2. Share about a time when you struggled to reconcile the personal sacrifice(s) made to be obedient to something God had called you to do, but which later resulted in personal victory and glory to God.
  3. If God has called us to life everlasting with Him, it is Him that we must truly set our minds on. If so, how can you live a life consecrated to the call of God to be His faithful child, forsaking all other idols?