07 Jan 2018

Renewal 2018

Senior Pastor Wang Tiak Kweng

In Brighton Community Church, we renew our church membership every year because we see membership not just as getting our names on a register, but rather as a useful aid in our spiritual development. Renewing our membership is symbolic of us returning to our first love for our Lord Jesus Christ. In this message, Pastor Tiak explains how God brings about personal renewal in our lives. Scripture: Isaiah 55:6-13

Discussion Questions

1. How much do you feel the need for God’s mercy in your life? How eagerly do you seek him? How is this related to your view of your own thoughts and ways versus God’s thoughts and ways?

2. Why is genuine worship the only proper motivation for holiness, service and evangelism? To what extent is it your motivation?

3. How has the Word of God transformed you in the last one year in your outlook? In your behaviour?