28 Apr 2019


Pastor Koh Wee Kiat

The resurrection event is foundational for the Christian faith. Being a Christian is not merely adhering to right doctrines and actions but having faith in the risen Jesus of history. What evidence do we have for the resurrection of Jesus, and what implications does it have on the faith of the followers of Jesus Christ?

Discussion Questions

  1. Are you afraid of telling people about your faith because you don’t know how to answer their objections? How does the resurrection of Jesus Christ set Christianity apart from every other religion?
  2. Do you struggle to believe and obey the Word of God? What difference did the resurrection make for Jesus’ disciples?
  3. How does knowing that God lives in you and that you will have a glorious future with Him change the way you view life presently? What are some practical things you can do to obey God despite the difficult seasons of life?