• 01 Nov 2019


    Do you have enemies? Is anyone out to get you? Most of us would confidently answer such questions in the negative. And we would be wrong. The devil a sinister foe who is unseen, powerful and so cunning that many of are unaware of his existence or realise it when we are under attack. But we can win, if we know whom we are up against and how we can overcome.

  • 01 Oct 2019

    United Nations

    The United Nations was set up after the most bloody conflict in history, in the desire to bring peace to all mankind. However good the intentions behind it, the reality is that nations are still divided and we seem no closer to world peace. This series explains the historical root of the problem, the costly rescue plan that has been launched, the glorious hope of universal peace, and above all, the part that each one of us can play in it.

  • 01 Sep 2019

    Truth with Love

    Gay rights has become a supercharged issue polarising societies. Unfortunately, there is a lot more condemnation, lobbying and name-calling on both sides than rational thinking and civilised discussion. This series seeks to show that to address the question adequately, we have to grapple with bigger concepts like justice, morality and the nature of ultimate reality.

  • 01 Aug 2019


    We live in a world that sends us two confusing messages. On the one hand, we are told to be true to ourselves. On the other hand, we are told that we can be anything we want to be. The truth is more complex than that. To be happy and successful, there are some things we need to accept about ourselves, but there are also some things that we need to do even it feels unnatural. Learn about how you can be the best you that you can be.

  • 01 Jul 2019

    Making Work Work

    We spend most of our waking hours at work. We introduce ourselves by our job designation. We derive our sense of worth from our job performance. We provide for our families and buy the things we desire with our paycheck. With so much reliance placed on our work, how can we make sure that it is both enjoyable and sustainable?

  • 01 Jun 2019

    Rekindle 2019

    For this year's Rekindle month, we are going to ask ourselves some fundamental questions about ourselves. Why did God put me here on earth? Why did he plant me in this church? Why did he entrust me with so many blessings? All too often we answer such questions primarily through the lenses of our culture, which makes us essentially indistinguishable from the world. However, when we answer these questions through the perspective of the bible, it will set our hearts ablazed and revolutionise every aspect of our lives.

  • 01 May 2019

    Back to the Future

    Have you ever wished you could travel back in time to change a decision or correct a mistake? Or have you ever wished to travel to the future to find out how things will turn out? Even though a time machine does not exist, we have another way to face the things in the past so that they no longer ensnare us, and live in a way now such that we will not have any regrets.

  • 01 Apr 2019

    End of Religion

    We often hear people say that all religions are basically the same. However, a closer examination of Christianity reveals that it uniquely challenges and abolishes the basic features we find in all other religions. More than that, Christianity helps us understand that religion is man's futile efforts to reach up to God, when God has in fact graciously reached down to man.

  • 01 Mar 2019


    For most people, whether Christian or not, the test of God's reality and relevance is not philosophical or theological; it is practical: does this God answer my prayers? That's what makes unanswered prayer so challenging to faith. Come and find out why God sometimes chooses to say no, and how we can remove the obstacles to answered prayers.

  • 01 Feb 2019

    Perfect Match

    One major contributing factor to a successful marriage is having a good match. The freedom to choose our life partner confronts us with 3 essential questions. How can you become the right person? How can you determine who is the right person? How do you face the possibility that you may never find the right person?

  • 01 Jan 2019

    Coming Out

    The modern view of religion is that it is fine to have your personal religious beliefs so long as you keep them to yourself, and never suggest that religion has something to say about how society ought to be run. This series addresses the inherent contradictions and unworkability of such a view, and explains why Christians should speak out confidently about their faith.

  • 31 Dec 2018

    Countdown Retreat 2019

    2019 is the year of our 20th anniversary as a church and this year’s countdown retreat marks the start of a series of exciting initiatives and events in celebration of God’s faithfulness over the past 20 years! It’s a time for us to come together as one big Brighton family to be in the presence of God. We’re gonna take this time to pray and catch a fresh vision for the church, and usher in the year of our 20th anniversary together!