• 24 Oct 2021

    Awesome Responsibility

    Surely God doesn’t make the mystery of his gospel known to us so that the knowledge of salvation dies with us. He requires us to be his witness to our generation and the next. He invites us to complete his salvation plan by commissioning us to be his ambassador.

  • 17 Oct 2021

    Profound Gratitude

    What compels Christians to share their faith and persuade people to believe in their message, with some even going to the extent of leaving behind their friends, families, and familiarity to do so in foreign lands? Besides understanding the utter hopelessness that people are in without God and his eternal goodness in their lives, Christians are compelled by something more profound and intrinsic to preach the gospel everywhere we go. Pastor Alywin shares with us what will drive us to passionately share our faith with joy and selflessness, in the third message of the series, entitled: Profound Gratitude.

  • 10 Oct 2021

    Eternal Goodness

    Sometimes, after experiencing bad things, our ideals of goodness in life come crashing down hard and we lose hope altogether. However, there is a hope that helps us to handle the present life. In this message, Pastor Li Kai will be sharing how you and I can take hold of that hope and experience the eternal goodness of God in the second message of the series, entitled: Eternal Goodness.

  • 03 Oct 2021

    Utter Hopelessness

    What most of us need to realise is that the Bible paints a picture of unbelievers that is radically different from the way we usually view them. If only we realise the truth, we will share our faith with them with far greater diligence and urgency. That’s why in this message, Pastor Tiak helps us to understand the plight of unbelievers in the first message of the series, entitled: Utter Hopelessness.

  • 26 Sep 2021

    Homosexuality: Wrong Combination

    Increasingly, people consider the Christian prohibition against homosexuality outdated and prejudiced. Christians must offer a more comprehensive explanation for their position than just, ‘because the Bible says so’. We need to realise that this controversy can never be resolved without addressing the bigger questions concerning the origin and purpose of our existence. These are issues that Pastor Tiak will deal with as we wrap up our series with the final message: Homosexuality-Wrong Combination.

  • 19 Sep 2021

    Pornography: Wrong Object

    With the easy availability and widespread usage of pornography, have you ever asked yourself what’s wrong with it? Isn’t it just harmless pleasure, or even a useful tool for married people to spice up their sex lives? In the third Part of our Sex Education series, we will be tackling this issue, in our message entitled: Pornography: Wrong Object.

  • 12 Sep 2021

    Extramarital Sex: Wrong Context

    If two people respect each other, take the necessary precautions, and don’t hurt anyone else, why can’t they enjoy sex together? While it is true that many of the traditional incentives to refrain from sex outside of marriage are no longer persuasive, there is still a very good and timeless reason for God’s law on sex. Find out what it is in this message, entitled: Extramarital Sex: Wrong Context.

  • 05 Sep 2021

    The Purpose of Sex

    Every day, and everywhere we go, we are incessantly bombarded with images and messages promoting the wonders, pleasure and desirability of sex. It may therefore surprise you that no one has ever come close to painting a more glorious vision of sex than the Bible. The better we understand the Bible’s positive view, the more we would find its rules on sex meaningful and liberating. That’s why in this message, Pastor Tiak kicks off this series with his message: The Purpose of Sex.

  • 29 Aug 2021

    A Healthy Body

    The precautions we have taken to combat COVID-19 have preserved life and health, but they have quietly taken a serious toll on many aspects of our lives, including the way we view and do church. We have therefore modified our preaching schedule to bring you this special message, in which we will look at the different fault lines and pitfalls that have surfaced as a result of the pandemic, and what we need to do to stay healthy and missional as the body of Christ.

  • 22 Aug 2021

    Second Fiddle - Doldrum or Destiny?

    Being second is probably one of the least desired achievements in life. Often, we are placed in positions where we get the onus but not the limelight. Let’s explore the topic of playing “Second Fiddle” in the grand symphony of life.

  • 15 Aug 2021

    From Storms To Stillness

    Storms threaten to shipwreck our lives with their ferocity. They toss our worlds out of control and make us feel desperately helpless. But with Jesus, we are always safe and secure. Find out how in this message!

  • 08 Aug 2021

    From Death To Life

    Death has a 100% track record. From a wedding to a funeral, Jesus demonstrates His glorious power. Yet, with an enemy this formidable, can Jesus overcome? What happened next astounded the witnesses and find out what that means for us today!