• 18 Apr 2021


    Most people feel overworked, underpaid, and trapped in a never-ending game of real-life Monopoly. Whether we are making just enough to survive or earning more than enough, we still feel the financial pressure and stress in our lives. What causes them and how can we find relief? How can we achieve true financial security? Find out what the bible says about this pressure point, and how God gives us relief from it.

  • 11 Apr 2021


    The pressure to perform in your vocation – working to earn an income, as a student or serving National Service, and even as a homemaker – is one of the core contributors to the stress we feel. But what it supposed to be this way? How can we not only find relief from it, but find joy and meaning in the areas we are required to perform? Find out what the bible says about this pressure point, and how God gives us relief from it.

  • 04 Apr 2021

    What Jesus' Resurrection Means to Us

    Do you realise Jesus Christ is the reference point of human history, splitting it into A.D. and B.C.? And the single most unique and important event in Jesus’ life is His resurrection from the dead? It proves beyond any doubt that He is what He claims Himself to be and His ability to give us hope. Come join us at our Easter service as we look at what the resurrection of Jesus means to us and how we can have real hope in these uncertain times.

  • 28 Mar 2021

    Get Wiser

    All of us want to make good decisions in life but in reality, we often do things that we would later on regret. Let's find out how we can make wiser decisions so that we can live life better.

  • 21 Mar 2021

    Divine Blessings for Life

    Countless research has proved that happiness is every person’s greatest goal in life. The Beatitudes are a great contrast to culture’s idea of blessedness and happiness. Jesus used the Beatitudes to explain the true pathways to wholeness and joy. This sermon of Jesus is said by many to be the most famous sermon in the history of human civilisation.

  • 14 Mar 2021

    Getting Up Again

    Nobody likes to fall. Because whenever we do, it hurts. Sometimes we wallow in self-pity and throw a fit; other times we simply dust ourselves off. At some point, we need to get up again. Falling confronts us with the need to decide how and when we would like to get up. Thankfully, through Christ, His grace picks us up over and over to give us confidence to get up again. Let's discover how this is a better way to live life!

  • 07 Mar 2021

    Keep Your Word

    Why do people enter into legal contracts, make vows, ask for down payments or require guarantors? It’s all about trust, or rather, the lack of it. In a perfect world, all these things would be redundant. That’s why one of the most valuable qualities you can cultivate is to be known as a person who will always honour your commitments. Find out more about how you can become such a trusted person in this message.

  • 28 Feb 2021


    Love is a major theme, if not the overarching theme, of the Bible. However, we all know that regardless of their religious beliefs, everyone is able to experience love and show love to others. That raises the question of what difference the God of the Bible makes to our ability to understand, enjoy and extend love. That’s why in this message, Pastor Tiak explains how Christianity uniquely empowers us to love God, our families, strangers and even our enemies.

  • 21 Feb 2021


    In Part 2, we looked at the need to manage our feelings, but that does not mean that love is just unsentimental commitment or purely an act of the will—all head and no heart. Christianity also presents love as intense affection and indescribable joy. In this message, we look at how we can enjoy and express such heartfelt love.

  • 14 Feb 2021


    Modern culture tells us that feelings are the basis of love; love only lasts so long as the feelings last. As the words of the song goes, “When you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’, now it’s gone, whoa, whoa.” No wonder we struggle with shallowness and insecurity in our relationships. The Bible presents a far more sublime and satisfying vision of love. Let’s learn more about it from Pastor Tiak as he talks about how we can enjoy the wonderful feeling of love and yet avoid its many pitfalls.

  • 07 Feb 2021


    A very popular question, raised by both believers and unbelievers, is why God would create human beings knowing that they were going to sin, introduce evil and suffering into the world, and come under eternal judgment. In this message, we tackle this question and explore the profound relationship between true love and freedom.

  • 31 Jan 2021


    Life is awfully short. Conventional wisdom tells us that we should enjoy as much as we can, but Christianity tells us that there is life after our time on earth. Instead of living life maximising pleasure, we should seek to maximise purpose.