• 16 Feb 2020


    Mothers are expected to be tender, loving, knowledgeable, capable, hardworking, patient, always cheerful and totally sacrificial. The reality is that many mothers find it difficult to live up to such superhuman expectations. Mothers need all the help that they can get. That’s why this message addresses the common mistakes that mothers should avoid so that they can be happy and effective in what they do.

  • 09 Feb 2020

    Loving Love

    Do you remember your first love? For some of us, it brings back fond memories. And for others, we'd rather forget the past. But there is one Love that is truly dependable. let's find true Love today!

  • 02 Feb 2020


    In the New Testament, the dominant imagery used by God to describe his relationship with us is Father. That in itself speaks volumes about the crucial role fathers play. While those of us who are fathers would never be a perfect father like God, we can make a lasting and positive difference in the lives of our children if we apply the wisdom found in God’s Word for fathers.

  • 26 Jan 2020

    Securely Sealed

    Do you feel the uncertainty of life? That things will not happen as promised? Disappointed and discouraged by circumstances that are beyond your control? In a few moment’s time today, we will be learning how God has promised us heavenly blessings through what Jesus has already done, and how the promised Holy Spirit, our seal, the guarantee that God will fulfil what He has promised, to make right every wrong in this world.

  • 19 Jan 2020

    Sacrificially Redeemed

    Have you ever been blessed to know the ecstasy of winning a lucky draw and redeeming your prize immediately? Perhaps, made sweeter by the fact that your prize has a huge price to it. The Bible tells us there is nothing “lucky” when we were chosen by Christ to be redeemed by His blood. He did so at huge cost to Himself out of a profound, divine love to call us children of God.

  • 12 Jan 2020

    Lovingly Adopted

    Have you ever wished you were born into a rich and famous family? Or hoped that you could marry someone accomplished and influential? The Bible tells us that when we are in Christ, something even more wonderful happens to us: we are adopted by the most powerful being in the universe and we occupy a special place in his house. What does it mean to be a child of God?

  • 05 Jan 2020

    Specially Chosen

    We all wish that we can be special, and not only that, to be special to someone who really matters. The wonderful message of the Bible is that our desire can be met, and we can experience the thrilling sense of joy, worth, dignity and purpose every day of our lives, no matter who we are, what we have done and what may happen to us. Pastor Tiak explains how we can freely receive this priceless blessing.

  • 22 Dec 2019

    Peace In Jesus

    Peace is knowing everything may not be okay and standing confidently anyway, knowing that God is with us in every way.

  • 15 Dec 2019

    Goodwill To All

    Every Christmas, the festive cheer draws people in through food and fellowship. Cold hearts are thawed, gifts received in awe. The spirit of Christmas empowers old and young to look beyond their own needs and into those of others. Goodwill abounds even in the darkest of nights. But why is this so universal? Let’s find out in this message, Goodwill To All!

  • 08 Dec 2019

    Friends and Family

    Most of us look forward to a great time of gathering with friends and family members on Christmas Day every year. What does this seemingly non-negotiable desire reveal about us? Is there a deeper need that we are trying to meet? Come find out how the story of Christmas meet this real need!

  • 01 Dec 2019

    Let's Party!

    Everybody wants to have a good time at Christmas, even if only for a short few days, before we go back to the same old problems and challenges of life. Why do people feel this deep need for merry-making and celebrating, even if they do not believe in the Christmas story? And does it really make any difference whether the Christmas story is true? The answer is: It makes all the difference in the world; it gives us a reason to celebrate every day.

  • 24 Nov 2019


    We do everything in our power to protect those we love from harm and pain, and hence we find it hard to reconcile an all-powerful and all-loving God with the bad things that happen to us and those around us. It is no wonder the devil delights to use suffering to drive us away from God. How can we stand up to the flaming missiles of the Evil One, so that we can emerge victorious through it all? Find out the answers as we listen to today’s message: Storm-proofing.