Brighton Community Church believes that it is important for believers to continue gathering for corporate worship and mutual edification, especially in difficult times like this pandemic. At the same time, we are committed to safeguard the health and well-being of all participants through a combination of safety measures, sanitising procedures and regular testing. We trust that you can have peace of mind as you attend our meetings.



A. Safety Measures:

  • SafeEntry check-ins and checkouts are required for all visitors at our venues for contact tracing.
  • Temperature checks and hand sanitising stations are deployed at all entrances of our worship services.
  • Face masks are to be worn at all times.
  • Congregational singing during the worship services is not allowed.
  • Intermingling between allocated seating zones is not allowed.
  • Safety distancing is maintained, by ensuring a 1-metre distance between groups.
  • More information about the latest MCCY guidelines is available at


B. Sanitising Measures:

  • Brighton Training Centre:
    • All common touch points, seats and technical equipment are disinfected before and after each worship service.
    • Commercial disinfection (for facility cleaning and high contact surfaces) is conducted on-site every Friday by OCD Disinfection Pte Ltd.
  • Foochow Association:
    • All common touch points, seats and technical equipment are disinfected before-and-after each worship service.
    • Facility cleaning is provided by Foochow Building Management before and after our worship services.
    • All common touch points have also been coated with SDPro anti-microbial coating by Global Shield Solutions LLC. This industrial-grade surface coating will be refreshed in March 2022.


C. Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Procedures:

  • All Worship team vocalists and Kidz Church teachers on duty undergo mandatory ART prior to serving.
  • The church staff team undergoes mandatory ART every Tuesday. Working from home remains the default for the team.



We encourage all Brightonites to come personally for our on-site worship services. However, if you are unable to do so, please continue to join us for our online services (broadcast live from our worship venues). More information about the service timings is available at

If you are feeling unwell, exhibiting any flu-like symptoms or you have come into close contact with someone who is tested Covid-positive within the last 3 days, the Singapore COVID-19 Symptom Checker helps guide you on what your next steps should be, based on the symptoms you are experiencing. More information can be found at



Pastoral care and counselling services remain available to all who need them.

For appointments and enquiries, contact our team at