About this series
Rekindle 2023

Nearly 3 years of pandemic has taken a spiritual on many of us individually as well as corporately as a church. In our annual Rekindle month, we will return to the basics of our faith, recharge our spiritual vitality and resolve to continue being a church that burns brightly for Jesus.

Return to Our First Love
Part 1 of Rekindle 2023
BY Pastor Koh Wee Kiat
Sermon Audio

First love often evokes strong and delightful romantic emotions within us. However, when it comes to our Christian faith, it tends to uncover feelings of guilt and indifference. While our initial fervour and passion for the Lord may have waned over time, it's important to remember that God's heart for us has not changed. Let’s respond to his love and rediscover the joy and purpose in our Christian walk!


1. What are some areas that you have failed in your relationship with God? How does knowing that God graciously takes the initiative to reach out to you motivates you to keep coming back to him?


2. What were some commitments to God that you once held strongly but have diminished over time? What caused this gradual shift in your focus?


3. Why is it illogical to separate love for God from service to his church? What are some specific purposes that God is calling you to fulfill within our community?


June 14, 2023
Reunion with our Family
Part 2 of Rekindle 2023
BY Senior Pastor Wang Tiak Kweng
Sermon Audio

1. Why is it so easy to neglect your church family compared to your other priorities in life? What would it mean practically for you to prioritise your church family?


2. What do you appreciate most about your cell group? What are some things that may disrupt our unity and how can we guard against them?


3. Why is God’s love for us described as a ‘loyal’ love? Why is it important for us to be committed to a local church family? How will you personally contribute to making Brighton Community Church a true family?

June 18, 2023
Reaping the Harvest
Part 3 of Rekindle 2023
BY Pastor Sally Tan
Sermon Audio

After encountering God at Rekindle conference, many of us still do not believe we can truly lead someone to Christ, let alone reap a harvest. We find ourselves doubting our ability to effectively share the Gospel or guide our friends and family towards a relationship with Christ. Is this dissatisfaction with fruitlessness in our lives something we are willing to accept? Let’s join hands; we can reap a harvest together! 


1. Do you believe the harvest is plentiful today? Are there enough workers? Are you actively playing your role in the harvesting?


2. Is it enough to pray or does God want you to work in the harvest field? How can your CG be involved in your evangelism?


3. Consider how God felt when you are saved. Has God placed someone on your mind whom He wants you to reach out to, knowing that it will bring joy to Him?

June 23, 2023
Reigniting the Gift of God
Part 4 of Rekindle 2023
BY Lee Chin Teck
Sermon Audio

Serving in the church is often considered an integral part of the regular Christian life. However, have you ever wondered why serving holds such significance for believers? Even if you are faithfully engaged in service, how do you find the motivation to endure in the long run? Alternatively, if you have ceased serving, perhaps now is an opportune moment to rediscover how you can regain the joy of serving the Lord.


1. For those currently serving in the church or who have served in the past, take a moment to reflect and share with one another the moments of joy, struggles, interesting experiences, key takeaways, and more during your service. Additionally, reflect and share what God is impressing upon your heart through your serving.


2. In your personal journey as a believer, have there been instances where you have felt offended by others or vice versa? Share with one another how you have managed to overcome these situations, or if there are still any ongoing struggles. Reflect on whether there were any pointers in the sermon that could help you in this area.


3. For those who have not started serving or stopped, share with each other how the whole exampl e of Jesus role modelling for us to serve and our desire to be more like Him may convict your heart to begin the journey of serving. Any struggles or hindrances; do share so that the cg can pray and journey with you.