Across the global stage, throughout our island-republic Singapore and perhaps even within our own church, all of us face fast-changing tides of culture, challenged attitudes and multiple-faceted persuasions. How can we as believers of Jesus Christ, remain encouraged in love, and strengthened in daily faith, in order that the fullness of the Christian life is made real in you and I?

The Tree of Spiritual Fullness
BY Pastor Joseph Lee
Sermon Audio

1. What are the important areas of life that a spiritually mature believer in Christ Jesus should focus on, whether in thought, speech or deed?


2. What stops or prevents us from being more spiritually mature?


3. Reading 2 Tim 4:1-5, identify lessons for leaders and believers that call us to maturity, endurance and preaching the truth.


4. How can we grow each in Christ, through loving actions and intentionality?