About This Series
Wealth Managers

Achieving financial independence is a very popular, but too small, a goal. In this series, we look at how we can handle wealth prudently, avoid its pitfalls, as well as how to leverage it to bless others and leave the world a better place.

Part 1 of Wealth Managers
BY Eugene Ang
Sermon Audio

Everyone of us has some degree of wealth and rightfully, we desire to manage it well. How do we determine our financial priorities in a landscape with no lack of advice on how to maximise our wealth? How do we distil through the noise and uncover timeless wisdom in relation to our wealth? Find out more in 'Wisdom'.



1. How will you describe your relation with your wealth? Do you manage your wealth more like an owner or a steward?


2. How will you describe your investment strategy and priorities? How much of it is allocated for blessings and uplifting of lives?


3. What steps will you take to gain mastery over money and build true riches?

May 14, 2023
Part 2 of Wealth Managers
BY Lam Sin Ming
Sermon Audio

Do you think you are greedy? Likely most of us don't. That's why the bible talks about greed as a sneaky trap. How can we identify greed and overcome it? Let's explore this important topic as God's wealth manager in this message.


1. Identify an instance where you wanted more money - motivated either by pride or fear. Share how innocent this instance of greed can appear to be (just like a hidden noose in a bird’s trap).


2. Share an incident where greed had robbed you of joy or caused you to hurt the people you love. What would you have done differently if you were given another chance?


3. “I don’t need these because I have Jesus.” Share 1 thing you can start doing to practically choose Jesus over greed.

May 19, 2023
Part 3 of Wealth Managers
BY Juliana Ang
Sermon Audio

The world tells you that if you want prosperity, hold on to everything, hoard it, accumulate it, save it, invest it. But God has a very different plan. God’s plan for prosperity calls for you to give your money away. Learn why God's investment plan is the far better one in this message.


1. What are some acts of generosity you have observed or received from others?


2. What are the concerns or fears that you have in giving generously to others?


3. Is there any area of need that God is asking you to respond to right now?

May 28, 2023
Part 4 of Wealth Managers
BY Senior Pastor Wang Tiak Kweng
Sermon Audio

When it comes to money, most of us focus on how we can accumulate, spend and manage money, when in reality the most powerful use of money is how we can leverage it to leave behind a blessing for future generations. None of us can take our money with us, but we can all use our money to make the world a better place. Find out how in this message.


1. What are some ways in which you can envisage Brighton Community Church enlarging/enhancing our outreach and ministry if we have a permanent facility?


2. How are you grateful for what previous generations of Brightonites have modelled and contributed? How will leaving behind a permanent facility speak powerfully to future generations of Brightonites about our faith and values?


3. We should not boast about our giving so as to gain credit for ourselves, and yet at the same time we should humbly encourage one another by sharing how God works in our hearts to move us to give. Will you courageously share about what God is saying to you about the Give to the King Offering this year?