About This Series
Ultimate Duty, Utmost Delight

We tend to think of obligation and Love as diametrically opposite concepts; love is what you desire to do; obligation is what you are required to do. However, Jesus challenges our false dichotomy when he taught that our ultimate duty in life should also be our utmost delight. In this series, we will explore how we can be a church that obeys the first and greatest commandement.

With All Your Soul
Part 1 of Ultimate Duty, Utmost Delight
BY Chin Teck
Sermon Audio

Jesus replied to the Pharisees that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all your soul. But how does one love a God whom you can't see or touch? The Pharisees knew this commandment so well since young and yet perhaps, they knew it wrongly all this time. Let’s find out what’s the differing perspective of our Lord Jesus & the Pharisees through their interesting discourse in Mark 12:28-31.  


1. Have you ever struggled with loving a God whom you can't see or touch and how do you deal with it?


2. 'The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.' Reflect upon this verse and share if there have been times when you have either been pharisaical or walked with Spirit-life-giving perspectives.


3. Discuss how we can practically apply loving someone we don't like. What changes and steps do we need to take?

With All Your Mind
Part 2 of Ultimate Duty, Utmost Delight
BY Eugene Ang
Sermon Audio

With all your mind - Synopsis
To love God with all your mind is not as intuitive as with all your heart. The mind, however, is a key constituent of our entire being. We cannot begin to love God with all that we have unless we also love with our mind. Come and discover how by changing our mind on this topic can lead to a powerful transformation in our walk with God.


1. Share the struggles and encouragement in your efforts to read the word of God. How will the 3 steps suggested (Focusing on issues, seeking support and having a vision) help in our motivation to read the word of God more for ourselves?


2. Share an experience when meditation led to a deeper understanding of God's word. How has the Word of God renewed your mind and transformed you?


3. Why a deep understanding of the word of God is important for evangelism? Share how we can continue to grow in this area to engage the questions our friends may have regarding Christianity

With All Your Strength
Part 3 of Ultimate Duty, Utmost Delight
BY Lam Sin Ming
Sermon Audio

In the weeks prior, we have explored Loving God with all our soul and all our mind. Other than soul and mind, God has also given us a physical body to interact with a physical world. So today let's explore we can love the lord our God with all our Strength, living out our Christian faith in this physical world.


1. On a scale of 1 to 4 (1 being very lazy and 4 being very diligent), how would you rate yourself as an employee? How can you practise diligence in your love for God?


2. Use one word to describe an area where you catch yourself "conforming to the world". How can you better resist this?


3. Name something that tempts you to give up on God. How can you respond differently to persevere?