23 May 2021

Dealing With Our Past

Lee Chin Teck

When we become Christians, our pasts – especially those that are painful, unpleasant, and regrettable – rarely leave us alone right away. For some of us, we are still grappling these difficult memories God wants us to deal with our past; He doesn’t want us to run from it or ignore it. Join us on a journey to discover how God can help us deal with our pasts and release us into the abundant life He has promised us.

Discussion Questions

  1. Craft out some personal time this week and wait upon the Lord and ask Him to reveal to you your past. As God reveals them to you, begin to pour your emotions- be it anger, sorrow, guilt, or pain- to Him. And as you do that, allow the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit speak to you. Share your experience.
  2. As you wait upon the Lord, has God reveal to you certain ungodly beliefs that you have held on to for a long time which has directed areas of your life? Share with the CG and allow our fellow brothers and sisters to encourage each other, through His word, with renewed godly beliefs.
  3. Share with the CG your journey in extending forgiveness to people in your past-be it successful or still a present struggle. Or perhaps there are past that you felt you needed forgiveness instead. Allow our fellow brothers and sisters to encourage and pray for each other.