21 Mar 2021

Divine Blessings for Life

Senior Pastor Ben Lee

Countless research has proved that happiness is every person’s greatest goal in life. The Beatitudes are a great contrast to culture’s idea of blessedness and happiness. Jesus used the Beatitudes to explain the true pathways to wholeness and joy. This sermon of Jesus is said by many to be the most famous sermon in the history of human civilisation.

Discussion Questions

Jesus begins His Sermon on the Mount by pronouncing blessings on those whose lives exhibit qualities that sharply contrast with popular views in society.

  1. If you heard somebody say, “I’m so blessed,” but didn’t know any other information, what would you assume they had recently experienced? (promotion, increment, exam results)
  2. What feedback have you heard from non-Christians after reading the Sermon on the Mount? How might they evaluate the authenticity of Christians in the light of this passage?
  3. “Blessedness” or “complete and total happiness” look very different to what we would typically think. Which of the 8 attributes most grabbed your attention?
  4. How do you feel and respond when you realise you are out of line with how Jesus describes the blessed life?