21 Nov 2021

Expression or Obligation?

Senior Pastor Wang Tiak Kweng

Most of us find ourselves caught in between 2 cultures: the traditional and the modern. They prescribe two often-competing pathways for pursuing our the goal of what it means to be a worthy and fulfilled person. In this message, we see the inadequacies of both perspectives, and learn a better alternative from the Bible for establishing our identity.

Discussion Questions

  1. Before you became a believer, how did you try to establish an identity of yourself? Are you still trying to follow the same pattern? What were some major factors that has influenced you to adopt such a view of what it means to become a worthy and fulfilled person?
  2. What are some problems you have encountered, or even now grapple with, that reveal the inadequacy of pursuing an ‘achieved identity?
  3. How can you apply the lessons you have learnt from this message to become someone who is truly secure no matter what happens? What would it require you to do differently?