25 Jul 2021

Grace Culture

Pastor Koh Wee Kiat

The rise of social media has paved the way for a recent phenomenon known as ‘cancel culture’. This practice, though it is premised on justice, has led to negative behaviours like shaming, boycotting, verbal abuse, and doxing. How do we develop a Christian perspective towards this culture in our world today?

Discussion Questions

  1. How have you been responding to people’s failures, including the wrongs done against you? Do you badmouth about them or wish for their downfall?
  2. Why do you think we are no better than the people who have failed when we engage in shaming and disparaging, both publicly and secretly? What are some ungodly actions or thoughts towards people that you need to repent?
  3. What is the Christian motivation for extending grace to others? How can you practically show grace to the people who have failed or wronged you?