22 Nov 2020

Marriage: An Original Idea

Senior Pastor Ben Lee

Whether you are single or married, have you ever asked – what kind of relationship is a marriage? Beyond that lofty idea of unending romance, how are two people held together in a permanent relationship? Are they tied together through the responsibilities of raising children? Or perhaps a sensuous sex life? Since the days of Adam and Eve, the bible states that marriage is intended by God for a higher purpose. Yet, what’s the real purpose of marriage in our day and age where nothing seems ever permanent? No, really. What’s the point?

Discussion Questions

  1. Man was made for companionship and interdependence, and not for isolation (Gen. 2:18).
    Q: How do Christian singles in our midst find authentic community within our congregation?
  2. Scripture in Genesis 2: 25 teaches authenticity and honesty in our marriage relationship. This means that I can be free from shame in marriage though I am imperfect because I have no fear of being rejected by my spouse.
    Q: How can I be authentic with my spouse and relate without pretension?
  3. Connect Genesis 2:24 to Ephesians 5:31-32. Marriage is patterned after Christ’s covenant commitment to his church. Marital love makes God’s love concrete to children. God’s divine image is in marriage.
    Q: What are the implications in terms of choosing a potential spouse? What are the implications for discipling of children?


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