03 Nov 2019

Not Finished Yet

Pastor Tan Li Kai

Labels tear, failures cripple. Many of us live with the knowledge but not reality of Hope in our lives. You are no finished yet, neither is Jesus with you. He would die just to be associated with you. Will you come to Him?

Scripture: Luke 19:7

Discussion Questions

  1. From PSLE scores to work titles, we are constantly reminded of our social standing. Does your current social standing bother you? Do you desire for more or less of it? Why do you think that is so?
  2. From work to social settings, we have all been in that awkward situation where we cannot remember the name of the person we are talking to. How do you feel when people cannot remember who you are? What does it mean for you that Jesus knows you by name and why?
  3. Labels may hurt and failures threaten to cripple but Jesus is not finished with you yet. How is God’s grace operating in your life to awaken faith? Share at least one way in which you can exercise faith that pleases God.