26 Jul 2020

Pain Relief

Pastor Koh Wee Kiat

All of us go to great lengths to alleviate or avoid pain in our lives. Some painful episodes are harder to process because we struggle with the question: why must it happen to me? Even for Christians, pain can be a powerful obstacle, or even deal breaker to their faith. How do we reconcile belief in a good God with bad things in our lives? More importantly, how can we find purpose, hope and comfort in our moments of pain?

Discussion Questions

  1. Jesus claims that Lazarus died so that God may be glorified. How does the story of Lazarus inspire you to have a better perspective amid difficult circumstances?
  2. How do you usually react in moments of pain? What would empower Christians to go through bad things in life with hope and joy?
  3. What does the speaker mean by ‘Christianity’s answer to pain is not a philosophy, but a person’? Share a moment when you were deeply comforted by the love of God.