29 Mar 2020

The ABCs of Responding to COVID-19

Senior Pastor Wang Tiak Kweng

The COVID-19 crisis has caused not only great fear, but also stirred up no small amount of tension as well. Christians have been labelled socially irresponsible for meeting together, and some have been expressly forbidden by employers or family members from going to church. Some Christians themselves are asking, “Why do we even still want to meet at all?” This situation presents us with a wonderful opportunity to examine how we can respond to the pandemic without panic, as well as adopt precautions without yielding to pressure. That’s why this week we have interrupted our preaching schedule just to bring you this special message by Pastor Tiak.

Scripture – Nehemiah 4:6-23

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some fears that you might have as a result of the COVID-19 crisis? How should Christians respond to fear differently from people who do not know God?
  2. What has God commanded Christians and the church to do in the world? How can we manage the tension between self-preservation or social responsibility on one hand, and obedience on the other?
  3. Why have Christians down through history, and many even today in some countries, continued to gather despite severe risk to their life, limb and liberty? How can we stay even more connected with one another while practising safety distancing in such times?