24 May 2020

Being a Christian in a VUCA World

Rev Dr William Wan

The world we live in today has become so Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. (VUCA) How can we cope with the challenges facing us as individuals and as Church?

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Mt 7:13-14. The numbers game:
    (1) numerical increase is what matters most;
    (2) numerical increase will surely come if our techniques and procedures are right;
    (3) numerical increase validates ministries as nothing else does;
    (4) numerical increase must be everyone’s main goal.
  2. Question: What are some of the pitfalls or consequences of such understanding of ministry?
    Read Mt 7:15-20. “Evaluate the prophets/preachers by their fruits, not by their gifts”. How can we discern the true prophet from the false, especially when they appear to perform miracles (21-23)? What fruits should we be looking for?
  3. Read Mt 7:21-23. How can we know the will of God and how can we be assured that we are doing God’s will?


  1. Live-streaming of all services at their usual timings.
  2. Cell Group meetings will be conducted at by videoconferencing, on Friday nights for adults and Saturday afternoons for youths.
  3. During this period, our pastors, full-time staff and lay leaders will continue to do their best to serve you. Do contact them by either by phone or online unless it is necessary to meet them in person.