Service Team

1. Hospitality Team
The ushers are the face of Brighton Community Church when people come for service on a Sunday morning. With a bright smile and a vibrant morning greeting, they welcome the people into the house of God. They are dedicated in providing information regarding the church and its activities, and serving the congregation in the taking of tithes and offerings, finding available seats, and taking care of any needs that may arise during the service.

Open Positions:
• Roles: Ushers, Safe Management Officers
• Commitment: Available to serve 2 Sundays per month

2. Sound & Light Team (SALT)
The Sound & Light Team – or SALT for short – is the team that provides the logistical support for the services on Sundays. They are a group of highly committed people, dedicated in ensuring that all the sound and light equipment and logistics needed for the smooth running of the services are set up and operating well. Their proficiency and dedication in their responsibilities is the reason why our services are able to start on time and run smoothly, to provide a pleasant experience for all present.

Open Positions:
• Roles: Sound Engineers, Setup team members
• Commitment: Available to serve 2 Sundays per month
• Requirement: Physically fit

3. Service Media Team
A ministry that touches lives through its weekly service live feed and recording. Bringing coverage to the rest of the world via the Internet and other media platforms. Service media are are made out of Camera Directors, Projectionists, Lighting Designers, Video Camera Operators and Technical Support Crew.

Open Positions:
• Roles:Projectionists,Cameramen, Video Mixer, Moving Lights
• Commitment: Available to serve 2 Sundays per month
• Requirement: Willing to learn the basic operator controls

4. Worship Team
“Praise the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens.”
Psalm 150:1-2

Worship is core in the Christian faith and essential in our relationship with God. The time of worship set aside on Sundays allows the church to enter into a time of corporate devotion as we render songs of praise and thanksgiving unto our God Almighty. The worship team’s role is vital in this as they lead us in this time of worship with singing and exaltation. The worship team commits to lead consecrated lives and serve with a heart of worship as they practise hard weekly to ensure the most conducive worship atmosphere, which pleases the heart of God and draws people into a time of worship.

Open Positions:
• Roles: Drummer, Bassist, Electric Guitarist, Keyboardist, Acoustic Guitarist, Vocalist
• 4 weeks internship/ observing by attending our weekday rehearsal
• Commitment: Available to serve 2-3 weeks per month and available to attend weekday rehearsal:
- CM team: Thursday 8pm rehearsal, serving on Sunday
- EM team: Tuesday 8pm rehearsal, serving on Sunday