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Provide us with your valuable insights and feedback for Cultivate 2024 😎 As a token of our appreciation, Brighton+ is offering 5 watering cans for every entry received. Simply ensure you include your Brighton+ member ID and email address when you submit your entry.

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Cultivate 2024: "A Life Worthy!"

Cultivate 2024

Cultivate is an exercise where the church collectively comes together to the fundamentals of drawing close to God. Throughout January and February, we emphasize the basics: reading and learning of His Word, as well as engaging in prayer and fasting to kickstart the year right!

This year’s devotional series, A Life Worthy, will span across 8 weeks based on the book of Ephesians.
Join us once again this January as we intentionally cultivate our inner lives, learning and growing alongside each other, from the powerful Word of God.

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Cultivate 2024

We have 8 weekly devotionals available on our website and the Brighton App.

To access the desktop version, visit our webpage using the password shared by your cell group leader on the last week of December. If you are a member of Brighton Community Church and require the password, visit either our FTV Booth, The 1352 Store or Brighton Brew store next Sunday onwards to receive it.

Cultivate Equipping

To further supplement the devotion materials – an Equipping Class will be conducted in conjunction with our weekly devotion materials, for us to journey and grow deeper in our faith, together as one spiritual family!

Ephesians, a book in the New Testament, is a letter written by the Apostle Paul. It delves into the ideas of unity, spiritual blessings, and our identity in Christ. Offering practical advice for daily life, Ephesians highlights the importance of love, unity, and relying on the spiritual armour of God. It is a guide for Christians on how to live out their faith in a meaningful way.

The equipping class provides in-depth study on the book of Ephesians to help us to have a better understanding and greater appreciation for the Word. It will span across 6 weeks taught by Rev. Dr William Wan.