Sermon Series
14 Feb 2024

Authentic – 3 Mar

Living in our world that is increasingly driven by technology, understanding people and connecting with them effectively has never been more important. Before we can impact others, we need to first become the kind of person that people will gravitate towards. Join us in exploring the timeless lessons in the Bible that would shape us into people of influence.

4 Feb 2024

The Beauty of Marriage

Christianity is not just something we choose to add to our lives, it radically changes the way we think about life, making everything more meaningful, purposeful and satisfying. In this series we look at how it totally transforms conventional ideas about things that are very close to our hearts: marriage, singleness and having children.

31 Dec 2023

Amazing Grace

No matter how sincere we are, the truth is most of our new year resolutions crash and burn. How can we find the power to turn good resolutions into concrete results? Start, and end, 2024 differently by finding the greatest incentives you can ever harness for effective change.

26 Nov 2023

The Magnificat

We sing carols to commemorate the birth of Christ, but do you know that the characters in the original story also could not help breaking out in song as the amazing events unfolded? This year, we will enrich our celebration of Christmas as we appreciate and learn from the lyrics of their heartfelt singing.

2 Nov 2023

God’s Heart

The Christian message is both spiritual as well as practical. God wants us not only to tell people about heaven, but also work hard to make this world a better place. This series aims to give us a better understanding of the special place that the needy have in God's heart, and challenges us to care for what he cares about.

20 Sep 2023


All of us want to be successful in life. No matter how we might define success, the key is more than just acquiring the right knowledge, skills or connections; it is becoming the right kind of person. Come find out how the Christian faith gives us the resources to live a successful life.

3 Sep 2023

Why is There Suffering?

One of the most common objections that people have against Christianity is the presence of pain. If God is a good and powerful Heavenly Father, why would he allow his children to suffer? Rather than offering a merely philosophical answer to that question, this series explores how Christianity enables us to find comfort, purpose and hope even as we go through suffering.

6 Aug 2023

Winning Over Worry

Have you realised how many inspirational quotes out there can be summarised this way? “Try harder.” Unfortunately, these well-intended pieces of advice can often be unhelpful and demotivating. Instead of trying to garner the right amount of willpower, what we need is to think the right thoughts. In this series, we will see how the Christian faith empowers us to navigate life's rigours with renewed confidence and motivation.

30 Jun 2023

Who Decides Anyway?

It is popular but simplistic to say all religions teach people to be good. What is the yardstick for measuring goodness? How can we overcome the evil within ourselves? Come and learn about a radically different perspective on the nature of true goodness, and receive a uniquely powerful motivation for being truly good.

4 Jun 2023

Return to Our First Love

Nearly 3 years of pandemic has taken a spiritual on many of us individually as well as corporately as a church. In our annual Rekindle month, we will return to the basics of our faith, recharge our spiritual vitality and resolve to continue being a church that burns brightly for Jesus.

5 May 2023


Achieving financial independence is a very popular, but too small, a goal. In this series, we look at how we can handle wealth prudently, avoid its pitfalls, as well as how to leverage it to bless others and leave the world a better place.

16 Apr 2023

What Makes a Good Job?

We all love a good job, be it having one or doing one. After all, we look to our jobs for financial security and a sense of significance. But a good job seems hard to come by. In fact, most of our frustrations and problems stem from our work. Is a good job really possible? In this series, we explore what contributes to a good job and how to experience joy and fulfilment in our work.