Tying the knot

In Brighton Community Church, we hold the institution of marriage in high regard and believe that it is not just a private affair belonging to the couple, but a momentous event celebrated by the community of faith.

A Christian wedding is a time of great joy and celebration and we want to make it a memorable day for our members. However, we also believe that the primary purpose of going through a Christian wedding is not only to seek God’s blessings on the marriage, but also to acknowledge that the Christian community has a special interest and responsibility in ensuring the success of the union. Therefore, in Brighton Community Church, we have a set of policies and guidelines to adhere to, for couples who wish to have their weddings blessed by the Church. If some of them appear restrictive, it is because we wish to convey the seriousness of marriage and our commitment to facilitate only such marriages which we as a community feel reasonably confident will result in lasting Christian homes. In order to facilitate couples in their wedding application and planning, we have provided clear and specific steps below for you to follow.

In order to facilitate couples in their wedding application and planning, we have provided clear and specific steps below for you to follow.


Couples are to download and carefully read through the BCC Wedding Policy to confirm that they are eligible to have their wedding blessed by the Church, and be informed of the requirements and procedures in the Policy.


After confirming their eligibility, couples are to give notice of their desire to have their marriage blessed by the Church. They are to download and fill in the Wedding Application Form and email it to the Wedding Administrator, Caroline Toh.


Once the Wedding Administrator acknowledges in writing the receipt of the notice of wedding, couples can proceed to confirm the date, time and venue for their wedding ceremony and dinner (if any), the name and contact details of their wedding coordinator (if any), all in accordance to the guidelines in the Wedding Policy. They are required to furnish the Wedding Administrator with these details as soon as possible.

Additional information: Please download the Wedding Coordinator Checklist and make sure that the guidelines listed in it are adhered to.

Marriage Preparation Course

Required for all couples wishing to be married by the church. Course dates as follow:

2, 9, 16 May 2024

1, 8, 15 May 2025

The course is free for Brighton Community Church members.

For non-members, fees will be $160 per couple (when both parties are non-members)/ $80 per pax (when one party is a non-member). However if the non-member decides to sign up to become an associate member of Brighton Community Church, she/he will be entitled to a full refund. Valid for one year upon completing the marriage preparation course.

Course fees includes materials.

Couples who have finished the course must marry within 3 years, failing which they would have to re-attend.

Download BCC Wedding Policy

Download Wedding Application Form

Download Wedding Coordinator Checklist

Visit the Registry of Marriages Website

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