Indicate in the “Reference Number/Remarks” box the following text: XXXYY

XXX refers to the fund you are giving to.

General fund = GEN
Missions Fund = MSN
Building & Facilities Fund = BDG

YY refers to the congregation you are in.

English Service = EM
Youth Service = YF
Kidz Church = KZ
Chinese Service = CM

If you are giving to Missions, General and Building & Facilities funds, please make 3 separate transactions.

E.g. If you are giving to the General fund and you are from the English Service. Indicate the following in the remarks “GENEM”.


Recipient Account: DBS 074-005880-9

Recipient Name: Brighton Community Church

  • Ensure the giving details are correct before submission
  • Clearly indicate the giving code under the ‘Reference Number/Remarks’ box
  • A confirmation screen will appear upon successful transfer of funds with a transaction reference code


For Cheques:

Please make cheque payable to Brighton Community Church

Please do not mail cash.

You may make a designated offering towards specific purposes (e.g. General Fund, Missions Fund, Buildings & Facilities Fund). To do so, please write your contact number and indicate the fund code(s) you would like to give to on the reverse of the cheque. The contact number is important for clarification on your designated offering if needed.

Name of Designated Funds

General fund = GEN
Missions Fund = MSN
Building & Facilities Fund = BDG

You may mail your cheque to us at:

Brighton Community Church (Attn: Finance)
Number One Building,

1 Ubi Crescent, #03-03/04

Singapore 408563


Why are we adopting the PayNow Platform?

The general public is moving towards using PayNow as a main form of cashless payment and financial transaction. We wish to provide a convenient and secure alternative for everyone to give to the church.

Will there be charges if I use this service?

Transferring of money via PayNow to Brighton Community Church is free of charge at the moment.

Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer?

The limit is what you have set for your daily transfers for your bank account. You can adjust this as necessary.

When can I give? Am I restricted to using PayNow on Sundays?

You can choose to give anytime at your convenience.

Can I give my tithe and missions offering in one transaction?

This is not possible at the moment. We identify the incoming fund based on the giving code added during the transaction. Please make separate transactions when you are giving to both funds.

What happens if I did not indicate the fund I am giving to?

If no giving code is indicated in the incoming PayNow transfer, we will allocate the amount to the General Fund for the English Service.

Who will have access to my giving information?

Your giving record will be viewed only by the accounting staff of the church and will be kept strictly confidential.

Will I still have to indicate my giving in the members’ Connect Card?

Yes, please continue to indicate your giving in the Connect Card.


Subscription to Brighton Community Church’s Monthly Giving Updates is now available for all registered members of Brighton Community Church. These updates will be sent directly to your stated email address. Note: To subscribe, you will be required to key in your verified Brighton membership number. If you wish to find out your membership number, feel free to drop us an email at