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Wealth Managers

Achieving financial independence is a very popular, but too small, a goal. In this series, we look at how we can handle wealth prudently, avoid its pitfalls, as well as how to leverage it to bless others and leave the world a better place.

Rekindle 2023

We're excited about Rekindle Conference this year as we finally get to reconvene overseas as one big family after a long break of 3 years.

Join us for 4 days of heartfelt worship, uplifting fellowship, and transformative messages that will refresh your love for God, realign your life with his purposes, and reconnect you with the extended Brighton family.

Rekindle - Sermon Series

Nearly 3 years of pandemic has taken a spiritual on many of us individually as well as corporately as a church. In our annual Rekindle month, we will return to the basics of our faith, recharge our spiritual vitality and resolve to continue being a church that burns brightly for Jesus.

Brighton Training Centre

Number One Building, 1 Ubi Crescent
#03-03/#03-04 Singapore 408563

Youth Service: 4.00pm(Saturdays)
Chinese Service: 9.15am(Sundays)

Worship Location

Foo Chow Building, Level 2
21 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207530

English Service 1: 9.15am
English Service 2: 11.30am