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The Good King

As a church we start each new year by going by to the basics, one of which is cultivating a personal relationship with God. For Cultivate 2023, we are immersing ourselves for 14 weeks in the gospel of Mark, a fast-paced and action-packed record, based on eye-witness accounts, of key events in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each Sunday, we will also present a sermon based on a passage covered in the preceding week of the Cultivate devotional materials.

A Christmas Carol

Most traditional Christmas carols are packed with spiritual content and are highly educational. Sadly, we sing them only once a year without deep reflection, and then forget about them. What a waste! That’s why this Christmas season, we will be taking a deeper look at what they have to teach us about God’s amazing gift of his Son to us. Let’s have both a merry as well as meaningful Christmas!

Brighton Training Centre

Number One Building, 1 Ubi Crescent
#03-03/#03-04 Singapore 408563

Youth Service: 4.00pm(Saturdays)
Chinese Service: 9.15am(Sundays)

Worship Location

Foo Chow Building, Level 2
21 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207530

English Service 1: 9.15am
English Service 2: 11.30am