At Brighton Community Church, we aim to foster a nurturing environment where families can grow in faith, love, and togetherness – and this is where The Family Life Ministry comes in. Our mission, is to establish robust support systems for every stage of family life.

Drawing inspiration from the biblical analogy of a cord with three strands being strong, we symbolise our commitment with the imagery of a rope knot, which binds and protects family members, reinforcing them with vital biblical principles to withstand life's challenges.

The Blessed Bumps

The anticipation of having a child can be both thrilling and daunting. The Blessed Bumps offers support to expectant parents, with experienced mentors providing encouragement, guidance and prayers to walk them through the long and often anxious months of pregnancy all the way through childbirth. Click here to find out more!

Fathering the next Generation

Fathers play a crucial role as spiritual leaders in the home. We bring fathers together for mutual encouragement and equip them to invest in the lives of their children. Register your interest in joining the Brighton’s fathers’ community below!

Parenting Workshop

Children are a cherished gift as well as a sacred trust. As parents, we shoulder the responsibility of nurturing and guiding them in alignment with the teachings of God’s Word. Find out more about our parenting course below.

Marriage Workshop

Marriages can bring us tremendous joy or intense grief. Either way, they also leave an indelible impact on our children. That is why we want to help couples enhance and strengthen their marriages. Check back later for more information and updates.

Bereaved Spouse Support

Family Life Ministry support grieving church members who have lost their spouses and help them navigate this challenging time. We offer practical, emotional and spiritual care to the bereaved spouse and children. Contact Pastor Judy at for more information

Non-Believing Spouse Support

Feeling all alone a very real struggle when your spouse does not share your faith in Christ. Journey with fellow believers who are married to non-Christians for mutual comfort and prayer. Contact Pastor Judy at for more information.