“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

– Matthew 28: 19-20

The Great Commission is one of the key tenets of Brighton Community Church. We believe that God has called us to be a disciple-making church, and missions work has always been at the core of our beliefs. By the grace and guidance of God, we have been faithfully sending mission teams to foreign lands since the first year of our establishment.

Within 4 years of starting Brighton Community Church, we sent out our first missionary and church planter, Aaron Koh, to Chiang Mai. Despite our limited resources and lack of experience, we wanted to be involved in what is closest to God’s heart: cross-cultural missions. In 2006, we planted our first overseas church in Chiang Mai – Brighton Community Church, Chiang Mai.

10 years later, with more resources and experience, our fervour has grown even stronger. In 2015, we sent out our first missionaries to Phnom Penh and we are excited to see how God will continue to use us mightily in the lands beyond Singapore. We want to take a quantum leap in advancing God’s kingdom beyond the shores of Singapore. We want to send out missionaries and plant a church outside Singapore every year.

BEYOND, our yearly missions month, is a time to help Brightonites grow in our understanding of and our participation in God’s redemption plan for the world. We hope many among us will be inspired to be more involved in sharing the gospel beyond Singapore.


We run two types of missions trips; Exploratory and Exposure. Exposure trips are suitable for first-time trippers who wish to learn and engage in missions. Exploratory trips are suitable for trippers who are keen in exploring short or long term missions. Click below to find out more.


See how you can partner with our overseas churches in prayer.


  • Pray for the In-Person service attendance to increase and that people will return to worship

  • Pray for the community outreach to bear fruits

  • Pray for protection over Pastor Aaron, his family and the church against all attacks, that there will be unity in purpose, in spirit and in love

Phnom Penh

  • Thank God for:

    1. Good leaders post-trip evaluation meeting and 65 in attendance at church, we are full-house with new friends invited by church members

    We hope to move to new location by October, please pray for smooth transitions and renovations!

    2. Opportunity to share Christ with TYS student Meychou whom we trained last year

  • Pray for:

    1. Vision:

    Pray that our church leaders continue to rise up to build a church by Cambodians, for Cambodians, to make disciples of Jesus Christ, preach the gospel to the nations and be a positive impact on society. Our leaders are growing in their responsibility for planning - Tharith on our Service Experience with Rebeca as our hospitality team lead, Voliak on missions trip coordination, Helen with community trip program (where we had 20 new friends and members had a meaningful time together), Phallin organizing Christian education plan and Bible study.

    2. Pray we can multiply leaders and develop a strong leadership team. Pray our new service teams can come together to serve effectively with joy and satisfaction.

  • 3. Location

    Pray for us in securing a new good location for church as God leads, because we are considering growth plans and projections. This new space would help in our regular CG gatherings and new youth meetings. We dream of the space to be a weekday "community hangout", study and consultation space in an accessible area. We are in the midst of confirming the new location at PPCBank building at Mao Tse Dong Boulevard.

    4. Evangelism & Outreach

    - Pray for growth in evangelism and outreach efforts by the church members, pray that when new members join (Rith), they will assimilate well and grow in their

    - Follow-up with volunteers to FGA children centre

    - Alywin and Amelia are training at the MSC, PSIS and ACT schools, pray for open hearts of the youth to engage and receive Christ

  • 5. Arrows-Brighton School of Leaders

    - Pray for suitable candidates to avail their time and arise for this leadership network program to raise spiritual leaders for Cambodia

    - thank God for Ruth Phun who has come from Melbourne to set aside time for missions

    6. Elections in July

    - Likely change of political leadership from Hun Sen to his son Hun Manet

    - Pray for Christians to rise up in the government and form good policies for the people. The recent flash flooding and suffering of people due to torrential rains reveals poor planning on government's part.

  • 4. For Oh Family:

    - Good health, recovery, peace and salvation for Alywin's grandpa, and salvation also for Alywin's grandmas

    - Pray for Zac and Alyssa to develop a genuine relationship with God, cultivate discipline to complete what he starts, discover what he is good at and drive to improve.


We currently fund the work of three overseas churches. To give to the missions fund, click below.

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