About This Series
Special Place

The Christian message is both spiritual as well as practical. God wants us not only to tell people about heaven, but also work hard to make this world a better place. This series aims to give us a better understanding of the special place that the needy have in God's heart, and challenges us to care for what he cares about.

God’s Heart
Part 1 of Special Place
BY Senior Pastor Wang Tiak Kweng
Sermon Audio

If all of us are just random products of mindless chance and evolution, then not only would human life have no intrinsic worth or purpose, doing good and being charitable would merely be a personal preference. In contrast, Christianity explains why human beings have infinite worth, and also provides us with the greatest incentive to care for those who are poor, disadvantaged and suffering.


1. How does the world justify abortion or euthanasia? Why does Christianity consider them morally repugnant?


2. Why is charity not just ‘a good thing’ to do? Why is it not optional for followers of Jesus Christ?


3. How do preaching the gospel and helping the poor go together ? What part of your income and time do you intentionally set aside for charitable works?

God’s Plan
Part 2 of Special Place
BY Pastor Judy Chua
Sermon Audio

Do you consider acts of kindness and charity as mere sources of personal satisfaction? Are you aware of God's profound desire for us to serve as ambassadors, sharing the Good News with those in need? Explore how Christian charity not only mirrors God's divine purpose but also how we can bring about a greater sense of hope to the underprivileged community.


1. How is the Christian motivation for charity unique? To what degree does God’s heart for the poor and needy influence your thoughts and actions?


2. How much time and money did you allocate to help the poor and needy in the last one year? Do you need to make any changes?


3. How does the Christian view of heaven influence what we do here on earth for those who are in need?

God’s Pleasure
Part 3 of Special Place
BY Fiona Tng
Sermon Audio

Have you ever found yourself yearning for the approval and affirmation of those who matter most in your life? In hustle and bustle of our lives, we often seek to please and gain the favour of those we hold dear. Yet, there's a deeper yearning within us – a desire to understand and secure the pleasure of the One who matters above all. Explore what it takes to truly please God and be in that special place with Him.


1. Do you envy those who are wealthier? Why do we tend to view material possessions as God’s favour?


2. What do you think is the motive of the Israelites offering sacrifices? How does this serve as a warning to us?


3. After going through this sermon series, how and what are you going to do differently to help the poor and needy?