Original Hits of Christmas
About This Series

We sing carols to commemorate the birth of Christ, but do you know that the characters in the original story also could not help breaking out in song as the amazing events unfolded? This year, we will enrich our celebration of Christmas as we appreciate and learn from the lyrics of their heartfelt singing.

The Magnificat
Part 1 of Original Hits of Christmas
BY Eugene Ang
Sermon Audio

The Magnificat, a hymn of praise by Mary, was a response to God’s call on Mary as the mother of Jesus. The song is filled with praises of God’s goodness and declarations of His promises. What can we learn through Mary’s response? Join us to unpack this beautiful song and learn about the true spirit of Christmas.


1. What is the spirit of Christmas for many of our friends? How can we capture the true spirit of Christmas in our hearts this year?


2. Has your world ie worldview, values and priorities been turned upside down after receiving Jesus into your life? How have you been personally impacted in relation to your walk with God?


3. Worship brings glory to God. Share as a cell group the friends whom we can invite for this Christmas season.

November 30, 2023
Part 2 of Original Hits of Christmas
BY Senior Pastor Wang Tiak Kweng
Sermon Audio

This message looks at the song known as the Benedictus by the Bible character Zechariah. With keen prophetic insight, he declares how Mary’s son would fulfil the Old Testament promises regarding the long-awaited Saviour. The redemption he brings would be universal, national and personal in scope. It is truly the greatest news of all time.


1. How does Jesus fulfil the Davidic Covenant? How does it give us hope even as we lived in a divided and broken world?


2. What is the Abrahamic Covenant? How do Christians participate in the Abrahamic covenant?


3. What is the New Covenant? What difference does it make for you to be living under the New Covenant?

Gloria in Excelsis Deo
Part 3 of Original Hits of Christmas
BY Rev Dr. William Wan
Sermon Audio

Christmas is a good time to remind ourselves of the true essence of the gospel. In the hustle and bustle of shopping and gift buying, we must take time to reflect deeply on what the the Gospel is all about by understanding Who God is and the implications of His incarnation for humankind.


1. The Great Descension is about God’s incarnation. How would this truth distinguish our faith from all other faiths?


2. That God condescended to our human level. What can we learn about humility in the way God relates to us?


3. Reconciliation and Conciliation are the twin-blade of peace. Is peace (conciliation) between people possible without reconciliation? Are there people in your life you need to be reconciled to? What is keeping you from reconciling?

Nunc Dimittis
Part 4 of Original Hits of Christmas
BY Odette Tan
Sermon Audio

As Simeon held baby Jesus in his arms, he could not help but break into song. Being filled by the Holy Spirit, Simeon sings and speaks of life-changing implications that comes with the birth of Christ. 2000 years later, these implications still affect us in ways that we might not even realise. Come join us as we dive deep into the song "Nunc Dimittis".


1. What is something you hope to have or see before you can finally say, "I can die happy now"?

2. "Christ is the only way to the only true God. " How has this truth impacted the way you reach out to others?

3. How has your relationship with Christ been this year? What are some things you will do differently starting this Christmas?