About this series
Mind Over Matter

Have you realised how many inspirational quotes out there can be summarised this way? “Try harder.” Unfortunately, these well-intended pieces of advice can often be unhelpful and demotivating. Instead of trying to garner the right amount of willpower, what we need is to think the right thoughts. In this series, we will see how the Christian faith empowers us to navigate life's rigours with renewed confidence and motivation.

Winning Over Worry
Part 1 of Mind Over Matter
BY Pastor Koh Wee Kiat
Sermon Audio

It is said that worrying is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere. Yet, all of us cannot stop worrying. To which, Jesus tells us, "Do not worry about your life".

How do we do that? Let's discover how the teachings of Jesus give us the resources to break our habit of worrying.

1. what are some things you are worrying that are beyond your control? what do you see other people doing that makes you worry for yourself or your loved ones?


2. How do you know that God truly cares for you? How does this truth address the worries you shared in Ouestion 1?


3. How does living for God's purposes dispel anxiety? What specific practical decisions or changes should you make in order to "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness"?

August 10, 2023
Rising Above Inadequacy
Part 2 of Mind Over Matter
BY Pastor Koh Wee Kiat
Sermon Audio

Living in a world where we often judge ourselves by our own abilities or against others can leave us feeling perpetually behind. But what if the key is not found in mimicking everybody else but finding worth in being chosen despite our imperfections? Let’s uncover where we can find that unique confidence to rise above our feelings of inadequacy.


1. In what ways have you falsely believed that your worth is tied to your achievements and accolade? How does God view human achievements?


2. How have you been comparing yourself with others? Why is it vital to understand that God created each of us uniquely, with our own strengths and weaknesses?


3. How does the cross of Jesus speak to our inadequacy? Knowing that God delights in working through our weaknesses, what is one thing you want to start doing as a step of faith?

Overcoming Laziness
Part 3 of Mind Over Matter
BY Pastor Koh Wee Kiat

1. Share a time when your diligence and hard work rewarded you or brought about a good outcome.
Share a time when your laziness caused something negative to happen.



2. What is the Christian motivation for diligence? In which specific areas of your life do you need to remind yourself that it is the Lord Christ you are serving?



3. What is one small action that you want to start doing regularly to accumulate success? How can your cell group members support and monitor your progress?