12 Apr 2020

Easter Sunday - The Vaccine You Need

Senior Pastor Wang Tiak Kweng

With no end in sight for the COVID-19 crisis, some are saying that the only hope for the world is the development of a vaccine soon. What people urgently need to hear is the good news that a costly solution has already been made freely available for the even bigger problem that the current pandemic points us to. Join us online on Easter Sunday as we celebrate the assurance of complete victory over disease and death.

Discussion Questions

  1. Reflect on the implications of why Christ chose to go to the cross. What does it tell you about how sinful you are? What does it tell you about how loved you are? How has this truth changed, and how does it continue to change, you?
  2. What are some reasons that give us the confidence that the resurrection is a historical fact and not merely a myth? How does the certainty of the resurrection address your doubts about God?
  3. What is everyone around us really frightened of in the current COVID-19 crisis? Has Easter empowered you to respond in a radically different way? If not, what do you think you have yet failed to grasp about the meaning of salvation?