09 Feb 2020

Loving Love

Pastor Tan Li Kai

Do you remember your first love? For some of us, it brings back fond memories. And for others, we’d rather forget the past. But there is one Love that is truly dependable. let’s find true Love today!

Discussion Questions

  1. We most naturally think of love in the romantic sense. Unfortunately, it is not the most dependable in our lives. But God through Jesus demonstrated an enduring and sacrificial love for us and calls us to do the same for our brothers and sisters. What attitudes or values would you want to shift to be able to do so?
  2. It is an incredible feeling to have just fallen in love and again, when that special person agrees to be with you for the rest of your life. But one day, this earthly union will come to an end. Yet, there is a heavenly union with God that will persist for all eternity when we receive Jesus. How are you living on earth as it is in heaven, as a child of God designed to please Him through faith?
  3. When tough times come our way, we arrive at a crossroad: Do we persist in faith beyond what our eyes can see or do we indulge in what our eyes can see and view faith as beyond us? Either way, we can become drained of our love. But the gospel of grace commands us to remember our first love in Jesus and to love one another. How has Jesus been giving you exactly what you need to see Him through your pain?

Changes to Weekend Services and Cell Group Meetings

We will be gathering in modified Cell Groups known as CG-based Home Gatherings (“CHG”) in members’ homes in place of our regular weekend services and our usual weekly Friday evening Cell Group meetings.