Sermon Series
8 Jan 2023

Glorious Messiah

As a church we start each new year by going by to the basics, one of which is cultivating a personal relationship with God. For Cultivate 2023, we are immersing ourselves for 14 weeks in the gospel of Mark, a fast-paced and action-packed record, based on eye-witness accounts, of key events in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each Sunday, we will also present a sermon based on a passage covered in the preceding week of the Cultivate devotional materials.

25 Nov 2022

O Holy Night

Most traditional Christmas carols are packed with spiritual content and are highly educational. Sadly, we sing them only once a year without deep reflection, and then forget about them. What a waste! That's why this Christmas season, we will be taking a deeper look at what they have to teach us about God's amazing gift of his Son to us. Let's have both a merry as well as meaningful Christmas!

6 Nov 2022


All of us feel a great need to figure out how to make the right decisions about our lives and our future. How can we be sure that we make good choices and avoid dangerous pitfalls? This series explains how God graciously provides the guidance we need, and what we can practically do to discern his plans for our lives.

25 Sep 2022

No Wrong

It is becoming increasingly fashionable to conclude that God is unnecessary and irrelevant for a meaningful and satisfying life. The problem is that if we do away with the notion of God, we would also have to abandon the things that we value and cherish most in life. This series deals with the question of why Christianity provides better answers than atheism or agnosticism.

4 Sep 2022

Extending Forgiveness

Our families are a source of comfort and joy, yet they also cause us great pain and frustration. Why do the people we ought to love most often become those we fight with most? Don't despair; this series explains how the Bible offers wisdom to help you navigate the often stormy waters of family life to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

7 Aug 2022

Enough Until It Isn’t

The infiltration of worldly values has never been greater, yet our guard has never been lower. What the world defines as desirable will never satisfy. The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever. Discover the true longing of your heart and how they can be satisfied.

10 Jul 2022

When to Judge

All of us hate the idea of people judging us; we just want everyone to be tolerant and accepting. What we often don't realise is that we would find a world without judgment an intolerable and unacceptable place. What we really need is to understand why judgment is necessary and how to judge rightly.

5 Jun 2022

First Love

We love because God first loved us. As we enter Rekindle month, we take a fresh look at how we ought to love God, our fellow believers and the people who do not yet know God's love. Let's remember what the apostle Paul said: without love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

21 May 2022

Great Gain

Once a year we take up a special offering called Give to the King. Giving can be a great pain--or a great joy, depending on how you view the source and purpose of wealth. Don't give to our annual Give to the King offering unless you can give with joy after this series.

27 Apr 2022


We often think that happiness in life is all about getting more things but there is more! We cannot experience happiness until we get certain things out of our lives. Find out how you can lead a healthier and happier life!

31 Mar 2022

Credible Evidence

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a historic event that radically changes the way we see the world and our existence. When properly understood, it provides light for the lost, hope for the future, and strength for today.

9 Jan 2022

Setting Right Goals

There is something even more valuable than living a good life. It is becoming a good person. When our time here on earth is up, what really matters, and what the people around us will remember us for, is not how much you achieved, but what kind of person you were. This series is based on the book of James in the Bible, and it will explain how we can grow to become the best person that we can be.