Sermon Series
6 Aug 2023

Winning Over Worry

Have you realised how many inspirational quotes out there can be summarised this way? “Try harder.” Unfortunately, these well-intended pieces of advice can often be unhelpful and demotivating. Instead of trying to garner the right amount of willpower, what we need is to think the right thoughts. In this series, we will see how the Christian faith empowers us to navigate life's rigours with renewed confidence and motivation.

30 Jun 2023

Who Decides Anyway?

It is popular but simplistic to say all religions teach people to be good. What is the yardstick for measuring goodness? How can we overcome the evil within ourselves? Come and learn about a radically different perspective on the nature of true goodness, and receive a uniquely powerful motivation for being truly good.

16 Apr 2023

What Makes a Good Job?

We all love a good job, be it having one or doing one. After all, we look to our jobs for financial security and a sense of significance. But a good job seems hard to come by. In fact, most of our frustrations and problems stem from our work. Is a good job really possible? In this series, we explore what contributes to a good job and how to experience joy and fulfilment in our work.

6 Nov 2022


All of us feel a great need to figure out how to make the right decisions about our lives and our future. How can we be sure that we make good choices and avoid dangerous pitfalls? This series explains how God graciously provides the guidance we need, and what we can practically do to discern his plans for our lives.

25 Sep 2022

No Wrong

It is becoming increasingly fashionable to conclude that God is unnecessary and irrelevant for a meaningful and satisfying life. The problem is that if we do away with the notion of God, we would also have to abandon the things that we value and cherish most in life. This series deals with the question of why Christianity provides better answers than atheism or agnosticism.

4 Sep 2022

Extending Forgiveness

Our families are a source of comfort and joy, yet they also cause us great pain and frustration. Why do the people we ought to love most often become those we fight with most? Don't despair; this series explains how the Bible offers wisdom to help you navigate the often stormy waters of family life to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

27 Apr 2022


We often think that happiness in life is all about getting more things but there is more! We cannot experience happiness until we get certain things out of our lives. Find out how you can lead a healthier and happier life!

31 Mar 2022

Credible Evidence

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a historic event that radically changes the way we see the world and our existence. When properly understood, it provides light for the lost, hope for the future, and strength for today.

7 Nov 2021

Created or Evolved?

Modern culture points the individual to look within for a sense of identity, worth and purpose in life. This series examines the workability of such an outlook, and explains why while God places great worth on each individual, life cannot just be all about me.

3 Oct 2021

Utter Hopelessness

Studies show that while most pastors want the church to reach unbelievers, most church members are more concerned about how the church can meet their own needs. In this series, we will explain why Christianity is truly good news that we simply must not keep to ourselves.

5 Sep 2021

The Purpose of Sex

Most of us get our sex education outside the church and may wonder why the church has so many prohibitions against something that we ought to just let people enjoy freely and privately as they wish. However, God’s rules on sex are really to protect it rather than to prohibit it, because he is truly interested in safe sex.

4 Jul 2021

Understanding Idolatry

Few of us think that we have a problem with idolatry, even though we all have idols in our hearts that we love and depend on, without realising they enslave and will eventually destroy us. This series explains the danger of idolatry and how we can be set free.